Case Study

How I scaled a DTC brand to $16,500 a month
with 550% increase in sales by just leveraging google ads


RuggleUp, a DTC brand dealing in Home décor niche was launched April 2021 and our client Darcy Colin wanted to get his brand scaled quickly within few months of launch through paid ads.

Problem statement

As it was a new brand in a fairly new market, building reliability and getting high ticket sales was a huge task.


Major challenges were finding the keyword which has low CPC and high ROI, competetior analysis, structure campaigns and create high performing compelling ads.


  • I started brainstorming keywords myself and used Google keyword planner to find keywords.
  • Then I structured the campaings and divided keyword in the ad group according to their match types.
  • I relied heavily on exact match type keywords as the client was dealing in a very niche market.
  • I optimized the campaigns daily and added negative keywords daily to them.
  • I closely watched the keyword performance and turned off the least performing so the budget could be used by the best.


  • As the website was optimized, the campaigns started performing well and within 3 months, BOOM!!!!
  • Just in the month of July, we received 24 leads, which resulted in $16,500 in sales with Average order value(AOV) $2500.
  • The Return on ad spent(RoAS) was 5.5 meaning 550% growth.

Here are July month’s results

Ads spent – 3000$
Sales – 16,500$
RoAS- 5.5
AOV- 2500$
Platform- Google ads
Niche- Home decor

Few tips for you to run Google Ads.

  1. Increase CTR by Writing Better Ad Copy
  2. Use Extensions to Further Increase CTR
  3. Run ads for specific hours of the day
  4. Find New Keywords to Target
  5. Refine Match Types to Avoid Broad Matches

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