Case Study

How I generated leads for a Real Estate client in just 0.45$ per leads
by using Facebook Ads


Shree Daan group, a real estate developer wanted to get massive leads of its niche targetted audience in a very short period of time.

Problem statement

As it was new to paid advertising, in a fairly new market, building data and getting high number of leads initially was a huge task.


Major challenge was finding the interest(keyword) which targets only a specific group of people in India and abroad(expats) as Facebook has removed 90% of our intended interests.


  • I started brainstorming interests myself and used knowledge based on the audience preferences.
  • I used the expats option to target NRIs as the investment required capital.
  • Then I structured the campaigns and divided ad groups according to their different platforms(FB/INSTA) to test which performs the best.
  • For most of the heavy lifting, I relied on creatives and Ad copies which directly called out target audience and repelled others.
  • I used the creatives that would be easily recognizable by the community and talk to them.
  • I closely watched the ad group performance and turned off the least performing so the budget could be used by the best.


  • As the creatives and copies were targeted, the campaigns started performing well and within 10 days, BOOM!!!!
  • Just in the span of 3 month in 2022, we received 630 leads, which an average 0.45$ Cost per Lead.
  • Also we are seeing more and more decrease is Cost per Lead as days are passing on.

    Here are 10 days of March month’s results

    Ads spent – INR 21,033.50($273)
    No of Leads- 630
    Cost per Lead- 34 INR ($0.45)
    Platform- Facebook ads
    Niche- Real Estate

    Few tips for you to run Facebook Ads.

    1. Go broad with targeting. (You have few options now)
    2. Call out your audience directly with your creatives
    3. Increase CTR by Writing Better Ad Copy
    4. If needed, run ads for specific hours of the day
    5. Create a look-alike if you have data

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